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Since August 2003, Nelson Education Ltd. has aggressively launched several sell-through initiatives designed to help drive revenue for our organization and college bookstores nationwide. We've learned from the NACS Student Watch report that over 20% of all undergraduate college students do not buy their required textbooks. We know from that same study, the top four factors that determine whether a student obtains the adopted materials are all related to whether those materials are used by the instructor during the term. And unfortunately, students reported that 26% of their professors are not making use of what they adopt.

We're focusing our efforts on sell-through education. By working closely with bookstores, we want to help students understand the value of their adopted course material and the process behind the making of a textbook. In addition, we want to show professors that their actions the first week of class dictate whether or not their students obtain the "required" textbooks/technology.

Our fastest growing initiative is the Day One program and we invite you to start there to see the commitment we're making to educate faculty and students. Click on the boxes above to learn about other efforts we're making to drive sell-through.

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Day One

The Day One program helps students and instructors get the most from required textbooks, course materials and technology-based courseware components.

There are several types of the Day One programs

  • Student Training... Nelson Education Ltd.'s representatives visit classrooms and provide demonstrations of the key features of the book and technology-based course materials to instructors and students at the beginning of each term.

  • Professor Tools... Tools such as flash demonstrations, PowerPoint presentations, and student flyers are built for professors to use on their own to illustrate the value of adopted course material.

If the students see the value of the book/technology that's being adopted they are more likely to be satisfied with their purchase. Help us communicate the power of the Day One program to your faculty.


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We're proud of the efforts we've made to date but we know there's much work to be done. In our measurement, we know that when we do student in-services, our sell-through is generally over 80%. Professors are beginning to see their the role the first day of class. Here are comments from students, professors, reps, and stores.

"We just learned about Personal Trainer and I can already say that I know it will be very helpful to me. I know that I will succeed in accounting because this is just a great site to help students. I am glad that I was introduced to this web site and thank you very much for coming to my class to explain to us how to use it."
"We are very grateful for an excellent demonstration of InfoTrac and all that pizza and soda. You have really spoiled my students."
"I just wanted to thank you both for making such a valuable contribution to... my students. I sincerely appreciate your effort."
"Thank you for your presentations to my classes. As you know, I am convinced that Thomson's textbooks and the accompanying interactive software are superior to all others. In fact, I now use only Thomson materials in all of my classes"

"As technology continues to change rapidly, it is especially helpful for the publisher's representative to introduce new materials to my classes, and to me! Your presentations were both highly professional and most instructive.

For example, the Art Study CD that accompanies Gardner's textbook has many interesting and useful features that would have been overlooked without your expert guidance. Among the most important of the Art Study's features, the Interactive Maps, Architectural Basics, and the Flashcards are invaluable tools for learning and are helpful to all when preparing for examinations. Your skillful presentations were quite popular among the students. When questioned, the consensus was that you were an intelligent and highly qualified representative of a superior publishing house. We all thank you for your time and effort. I look forward to future presentations to other classes as an important part of the curriculum."
"I built a stronger relationship with Professor Driver at Murray State University. She also adopted Personal Trainer and was very nervous about explaining to her classes how to register and use Personal Trainer. After I spoke to all of her classes, she was confident she made the right decision to adopt Personal Trainer. Also while on campus performing in-services for Professor Driver, Professor Miles discovered I was conducting software demos for students and asked me to speak with her class about WebTutor that day. By performing in-services, I have definitely built a stronger trust level with these and other professors. They now know we are there to help and service them before, during, and after the sell."
"We are always in support of publisher programs, such as First Class In-Service, which help students get more value for their money and educate both the professor and students."

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  • Professor flyer for use in trainings and presentations.
  • Use our Dayone In-Service shelf tags notifying students that this is the bundle that the Nelson Education Ltd. representative presented in class.
  • Student flyers which can be adapted for shelf use. Ask for Nelson Education Ltd. Representative for more information.
  • Book specific videos or technology products that you can display during rush on a monitor to demonstrate the technology packaged with the textbook.
  • Work with your faculty and your local Nelson Education Ltd. reps to reach students before they arrive on campus that are registered for courses which are using Nelson Education Ltd. packages.

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News From Thomson

We're communicating sell-through and value messaging through several channels. This includes sell-through information to bookstores and various articles and press releases that reach faculty, students, and parents of future college students.

Channels to educate Students and Faculty

  • Nelson Education Ltd.'s Higher Education Group Sales Force... Sales representatives and their sales management team are in the field carrying messaging to professors about "using" what they adopt and asking them to tell their students they will have homework and will be tested from the book's content. They are also asking for the opportunity to train students on the adopted course material through our Day One program.

Future efforts include "value" messaging in our ads to professors as well as in the visual prefaces they read when they are reviewing textbooks to adopt. In addition, we will be partnering with our Marketing Departments to reach professors at their national academic conventions.

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